Structural Design & Forensic Engineering

Structural Design & Forensic Engineering

D’Huy Engineering, Inc. (DEI) has built a reputation for quality engineering services and sound engineering judgement provided by its experienced team of skilled experts. Our innovative design solutions combined with respect for traditional engineering practices create a versatile portfolio of new facility design, historic building restoration, structural system rehabilitation, and individual structural component upgrades and strengthening. DEI maintains a collaborative approach with the design team to deliver practical, creative, and cost effective structural design solutions.

Our many projects include educational, public, commercial, retail, industrial, and office facilities as well as over 300 brownstone and townhouse renovations in the New York City metro area. We specialize in new construction, renovation and adaptive reuse, existing building condition assessment, and non-conventional specialty structures and components.

DEI also provides forensic engineering services ranging from full investigations of large scale collapses to performance evaluations of specific facility components and building facades. Our emphasis on accuracy, attention to detail and commitment to integrity, as well as our innovative, yet practical approach to problem-solving have garnered DEI a national reputation in forensic engineering. We provide in-depth field surveys, detailed analyses, retrofit and repair solutions, expert reports, litigation support, and expert testimony for clients as needed.

New Construction

New construction provides exciting opportunities for creativity and collaboration with Owners and design team partners. DEI is passionate about grasping the vision of a new project and turning it into a clearly detailed and integrated set of design documents. As an integral part of the design team, we offer engineering feedback in the early stages of the design in order to arrive at a functional, cost effective structural design solution. We are committed to a team approach and our multi-disciplined staff of engineers and project managers draw on decades of design and investigation knowledge to appropriately balance performance, reliability and cost. We often evaluate multiple design options to assist in selecting the best structural solution and continue to be actively engaged throughout construction to anticipate issues, solve problems and ensure the design intent is achieved in the completed project.

Renovation and Adaptive Reuse

DEI works closely with the Owner, architect and often the contractor to define the structural requirements for each renovation and adaptive reuse project. Whether your project is the renovation of a brownstone residence, the adaptive re-use of a hospital, or the retrofit of a deteriorating industrial facility, DEI offers the experience necessary to successfully transform your building and extend its usable life. 

An accurate study of the existing structure is necessary early in the design process to adequately assess the condition of existing structural components, evaluate existing structural capacities and weigh the challenges presented by the proposed building modifications. On these projects, DEI routinely solves design challenges such as reinforcing deteriorated floor and wall systems, restoring existing facades, rehabilitating masonry components, retrofitting deteriorated steel components, enhancing lateral stability systems, and integrating new construction with the existing structure. 

Condition Assessment

DEI recognizes the difficulties Owners have in assessing building problems and long term maintenance. The goal of our condition assessment services is to work with our clients to provide realistic facility assessments so that budgeted resources may be utilized most effectively. Through our expertise in repair, retrofit and forensic investigation, D’Huy Engineering, Inc. is attuned to accurately assess existing conditions, recognize the magnitude of potential concerns, and determine optimum repair alternatives. 

Specialty Structures & Components

DEI’s team of design and forensic investigation experts provide the engineering technical skills to undertake projects that are of a non-conventional nature. Unique structure geometry, uncommon structural shapes or connections and/or the application of uncharacteristic loadings to the structure exemplify the various aspects of these projects. We combine insight and creativity with a fundamentally sound engineering approach to perform an intensive analysis, and investigating various design options and alternatives so that the best viable solution can be determined.

Investigation & Analysis

With decades of forensic engineering experience, DEI’s team specializes in investigating and resolving concerns with facility systems and components by determining the nature and causes of building problems and developing appropriate, cost-effective solutions. Building surveys are performed by uniquely trained experts skilled at implementing non-destructive evaluation techniques and strategically selected probe openings to assist in understanding existing structural systems.  State-of-the-art analysis and technology are utilized to provide a detailed, common-sense approach to solving such problems as movement and cracking, vibrations, settlement, structural stability and other issues. DEI is committed to effectively complete investigations and retrofit solutions while minimizing inconveniences to the Owner's ongoing operations.

Building Envelopes

DEI’s investigations on building facades include performing detailed field surveys, evaluating existing building envelope conditions, investigating component deterioration, assessing building structure systems and facade components, materials testing, and providing recommendations and designs for implementing retrofit solutions. DEI conducts visual condition surveys using binoculars and telephoto lenses, and performs close-up inspections from high reach man-lifts and swing stages, where non-destructive testing and material sampling can be performed if needed. 

DEI has conducted these investigations on various types of building facades including brick and block masonry, concrete, tile and stone, stucco systems, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), and window wall systems. DEI is also experienced with investigating water intrusion problems including performing water testing to identify moisture sources and intrusion pathways. DEI’s long history of performing facade investigations and comprehensive building envelope evaluations provides us with the necessary expertise to develop cost effective retrofit solutions for restoring building facade integrity.

Building Components and Systems

Our expert teams of professionals understand each pertinent building system which enhances our ability to assess, troubleshoot, and pinpoint component and system deficiencies. DEI’s components and systems services involve assessing structural adequacy and performance characteristics of various structural components and materials. Examples of previous component investigations include determining the causes of steel deck buckling, cast stone coping failures, metal wall panel delaminations, panelized EIFS system joint failure, concrete cracking, the collapse of steel framed scaffolding, water intrusion, and many other building component material deficiencies and failures. 

Design & Construction Claims

D’Huy Engineering, Inc.’s technical expertise, attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of the design and construction process provides us with unique insight for evaluating and analyzing design and construction claims.

With our staff of experts in the design, forensic investigation and construction management fields, DEI exercises integrity and sound judgement to analyze and evaluate project documentation as well as the performance of all parties involved in a construction project. Our understanding of the standards of care and regulations that define the design and construction industry enables us to develop effective strategies for fair resolution. As part of these services, DEI often prepares expert reports and when required provides testimony in litigation proceedings.

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