Infrastructure Planning & Design

Infrastructure Planning & Design

As current infrastructure continues to age and new infrastructure requirements continue to develop, both public and private clients are facing new demands for their capital programs. Infrastructure projects often have unique challenges and significant risks due to their scale, location or function. Consequently, specialized experience is often required to effectively deliver these projects while minimizing risk. As provided in more detail below, DEI has extensive involvement with the infrastructure capital delivery process including assessments, capital planning, design, bidding and construction inspection/management.

Infrastructure Assessments & Capital Planning

When operating correctly, most people don’t notice the infrastructure around them. However, when there are issues, everyone takes notice. Now more than ever it is crucial for Owners to understand the infrastructure they are responsible for and have a plan in place to manage these assets. Asset management starts with identifying and assessing the infrastructure you are responsible for managing and then developing short- and long-term plans for implementing improvements. The level of effort utilized for asset management can vary greatly, from quick “back of the envelope” calculations to multi-year evaluations with prioritization workshops and public presentations. DEI meets with our clients to determine the right level of capital planning required to meet your goals. We then work with you to implement a plan that tackles your most urgent needs while meeting your available budget.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water and wastewater infrastructure projects require a unique skill set. These projects often have complex processes or must be completed based on limited information on the existing conditions. Furthermore, whether the project is for a private or public client, funding for this infrastructure is always limited. Consequently, it is imperative that rigorous capital improvement planning be performed and innovative delivery methods implemented in order to maximize the return on investment. D’Huy Engineering, Inc. (DEI) has a team of experienced engineers and construction managers that have decades of experience with water and wastewater capital projects varying from intricate process improvements to recurring or preventive maintenance programs. This experience allows us to act as an effective conduit of information and communication between the Owner and Contractor. By operating as an extension of our client’s staff, we are able to maximize the number of projects that can be delivered for the dollars spent.

Pump Stations & Flood Control

Changing climates and weather patterns are impacting owners like never before. Community streets, parking lots and even open areas are being damaged or are unable to be utilized during storm events due to flooding. Sanitary and storm sewer systems are seeing high levels of inflow and infiltration which can cause environmental issues to nearby waterways and operational difficulties for municipalities and authorities. To relieve the pressures from storm events, DEI has designed and managed the construction of new infrastructure, such as equalization basins and flood energy dissipating structures, as well as upgrades and renovations to existing facilities, such as flood pumping stations, sea walls and water intake structures.

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