Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering

D’Huy Engineering, Inc. (DEI) provides comprehensive facilities engineering services for projects ranging from small repairs to multi-million dollar projects.

DEI’s team approach is dedicated to providing the highest level of engineering quality and service with a focus on long-term relationships.

The firm’s extensive experience, sound engineering judgment, quality assurance, strategic innovation, construction knowledge, and commitment to optimizing expenditures provides Owners with unparalleled professional representation for all their facility needs.

Building Code Enforcement & Plan Review

For over two decades, D’Huy Engineering, Inc. has been integrating our structural, forensic, and facilities engineering with our comprehensive project management services. The results have provided our clients with exceptional judgment, insight, engineering and management experience, and project success. DEI brings the same commitment and passion for excellence to our building code enforcement and plan review services, providing the leadership and integrity expected by municipalities, construction and design professionals.

DEI’s building code and plan review services provide efficient and prompt reviews to help avoid problems with a focus on public safety. Our staff of certified professional reviewers provides our clients with expert advice and technical support for all of their project needs.

DEI provides comprehensive building code and ADA assessment and plan review services for projects ranging from small repairs to multi-million dollar projects.

Energy Management

For over 25 years, D’Huy Engineering, Inc. has been providing facilities engineering services for our clients; we have completed hundreds of capital improvement projects and are continually improving energy efficiency for our clients as part of our pledge to provide high quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions. From building envelope upgrades to complex and innovative system replacements, DEI presents proven solutions for any energy challenges you may encounter. Our goal is to help Owners achieve the greatest energy efficiency with minimal operational costs through the following services:

  • Energy Auditing
    • ESCO Procurement
    • Preliminary Scoping Audit
    • Energy Survey & Analysis
    • Investment Grade Audit
  • Energy Procurement
    • Billing & Rate Analysis
    • Negotiations
    • Contracts & Agreements
  • Energy Policy & Education
    • Policy Consulting & Development
    • Energy Committee Participation
    • Education Enhancements
    • Staff Training
  • Renewable Solutions
    • Solar, Wind & Geothermal
    • Power Purchase Agreements
    • Bio-Fuels & NetZero Energy
  • LEED Consulting
    • Sustainable Sites
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Energy & Atmosphere


Retainer Services

At DEI, we understand the need to have facility professionals “on call” to complete tasks or provide advice when needed. DEI’s retainer services offer facility owners immediate access to our staff and resources. The retainer services provide efficient and prompt solutions to facility needs that generate cost savings to clients and increase the efficiency of facilities operations.

Our retainer services provide the resources to create, update, store and recall facility plans, operation manuals, equipment data and warranties, and other critical documents into a user friendly format.

DEI’s retainer services may also be utilized to supplement your staffing needs during a personnel transition, emergency, or provide technical personnel support as needed.

Capital Improvement Planning

DEI’s Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) services involve preparing a detailed description of physical conditions within each of your buildings. The CIP is typically developed for a 5-10 year period, but remains dynamic to meet a client’s changing needs. Each facility’s condition is prioritized through a customized logic matrix and assigned an estimated cost by building and category. The CIP is updated annually for completeness, relevance and accuracy.

The CIP allows for accurate budgeting and implementation of facility improvements. The CIP evaluation also provides the technical information to determine the needs for long term renovations, new construction, and additions so the Owner can consider the most feasible and cost effective solutions.

A significant benefit for Owners is not only DEI’s accuracy in budgeting, phasing and design preparations, but in our years of actual implementation of capital improvement plans that provide “real world” results.

DEI’s CIP services provide the basis and alignment for strategic long-term capital budgeting, funding and forecasting to manage facilities.

Feasibility Studies/Master Planning

D’Huy Engineering, Inc. has provided master planning, facility engineering and feasibility studies for many clients over the years. The evidence of our success lies with these clients as they are repeat clients who have come to trust and rely on the quality of our long range capital improvement plan development. 

DEI has extensive experience in preparing feasibility studies and master plans. DEI’s excellence and commitment in providing studies and plans originates with our philosophy of “beginning with the end in mind”. We take a realistic and achievable approach from planning, design, construction, and budgeting perspective to provide and implement the best solution possible. Our facilities engineering and project management experience along with our attention to detail have allowed our personnel to garner tremendous insights into all aspects of facility construction and operations; this translates into our unique and effective planning solutions.

DEI maintains an extensive and current inventory of budgeting data and utilizes that information to accurately formulate the budget plan. We are diligent in our efforts to ensure that the Owner’s parameters, criteria, goals and program are successfully achieved within the established timelines and budget. The results of our studies, plans and solutions generate a capital improvement plan, and a long term guide to the future maintenance of a building.

Design & Value Engineering Analysis

DEI’s professionals and certified value specialists recognize that value engineering is project specific and in its purest form, is the ability to provide strategies, designs or solutions that provide a better product, system or solution for the same or less cost. With this as the basis for our value engineering, we provide opportunities for savings that result in an improved project based on the client’s timeline and budget without changing the building’s function and design.

DEI offers complete multi-disciplined engineering services to implement high quality solutions for new and renovation projects, maintenance projects and emergency situations. Our professionals work intimately with your team to analyze and prioritize project needs, develop innovative and cost effective solutions, and implement bidding, construction, and maintenance strategies.

We pride ourselves on repeatedly delivering creative and exceptional technical solutions that allow our clients' programs and operations to function more efficiently and effectively.

Construction Oversight/Project Management

D’Huy Engineering, Inc. has provided expert construction oversight on projects of all sizes. The level of project management needed is tailored to the individual project scope and the Owner’s budget. On smaller capital projects and building upgrades, we provide intermittent or scheduled site inspections to ensure that all aspects of the project are properly addressed. On larger projects, we provide comprehensive oversight of construction activities from ground breaking through project close-out. This is referred to as Resident Project Engineering.

The purpose of project management is to affirm that projects are being properly executed, not just between contractors, but between all stakeholders. Our project managers act as the “eyes and ears” of the Owner and are responsible for contract administration, document control, quality assurance, cost and schedule tracking, and post-construction close-out.

The Owner benefits from this service by having a single point of contact for the project and an active communications source between all project personnel during construction. Following construction, a complete and concise project record is provided as evidence that the project has met the established performance criteria. More importantly, it provides an added level of confidence that the Owner’s best interests are being championed on a first-hand basis.

Athletic and Recreational Fields/Stadiums

D’Huy Engineering, Inc. has become a leader in the planning and project management for the installation of natural and artificial turf athletic and recreational fields and stadiums. One of the keys of DEI’s planning is the flexibility of the design to accommodate various multipurpose events. Our expertise and services for athletic and recreational facilities and stadiums include master planning and feasibility studies, land development and storm water approvals, development of construction documents, value engineering, design solutions, cost analysis, and construction oversight.

DEI has completed numerous athletic facilities for schools, universities, and municipalities. Our background with both indoor and outdoor athletic facilities includes gymnasiums, natatoriums, stadiums, natural turf fields, synthetic turf fields and tracks.

Summer Projects

Projects to be completed over the summer months are typically identified while DEI is conducting a feasibility study or capital improvement plan for a client. DEI’s technical specialists and licensed professional engineers provide Owners with suggested solutions, repairs, upgrades and improvements to facilities structures and systems. Summer projects are typically planned in advance, including design and bid preparations for facilities. The construction work is executed during the summer months to minimize disruptions to the facility. This is particularly important for school district buildings so that projects can be completed prior to the start of the next school year.

Repair & Maintenance

DEI’s design and management services for emergency repairs and maintenance upgrades provide facility Owners with peace of mind. Our extensive experience allows us to quickly diagnose problems and execute plans to facilitate building repairs and maintenance. We utilize our expertise to create and implement long-term facility maintenance plans which prepare Owners for any future maintenance needs.

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