Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center

Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center

D’Huy managed the design, bidding and construction of a multi-phased renovation to the justice facility while keeping the facility completely occupied and in service. The publicly bid, multiple prime contractor project was completed in time for the County to comply with State mandated occupancy standards and more than a half million dollars under budget. D’Huy managed the architectural design (USA Architects) on behalf of the County, crafted new general conditions/front end specifications, developed a construction phasing plan, reviewed design progress submissions, prepared the bid form including alternate bids and unit costs, assisted the County with bid reviews and contract award and oversaw construction.

The facility renovations included the addition of a two-story pod of 12 resident cells, the construction of a second story treatment and classroom wing above an operating cafeteria, kitchen renovations, security upgrades, a new single story office wing and related HVAC, electrical and plumbing upgrades.

Site work was coordinated by D’Huy on the congested city site shared with the County prison, courthouse and support offices which required temporary parking and egress plans and special accommodations for material deliveries and staging while all County services remained in operation.


Northampton County

669 Washington Street

Easton, PA 18042


Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center

643 Ferry Street

Easton, PA 18042

Project Description

Interior Renovations

POD Addition

Office Addition

Project Date

Completion: 2010


Budget Cost: $5,500,000

Final Cost: $4,700,000

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