Love Lane Mews

Love Lane Mews

The Love Lane Mews renovation project was located in the historic Brooklyn Heights district of Brooklyn, New York.  The original structures, which occupy a city block, were built for industrial use, at different times during the early part of the 20th century, and most recently used as commercial parking garages.  As a result, the buildings vary in many respects which include, but are not limited to; three-story to five-story heights, structural composition including wood and steel framing, a variety of party wall and foundation construction, and varying degrees of structural deterioration.

The buildings were converted to a unified mixed-use structure, consisting of 38 large condominiums, complete with balconies and roof terraces, and a continuous parking area under the structure for approximately 25 vehicles.  To accomplish the final design, DEI modified masonry wall openings, provided floor openings through concrete slabs of varying thickness, restructured existing roof levels, designed floor additions and roof bulkheads, relocated the rear wall of the structure, and provided new foundation design, in many instances retrofitting structural elements with innovative solutions for re-use regarding strength and architectural function.

To accommodate new below grade parking, large openings were made through robust existing rubble stone foundation walls.  DEI evaluated and designed structural retrofit and stabilization details to achieve the required modifications using soil properties provided by a geotechnical consultant.  DEI’s experience with stone foundations and retaining walls facilitated the development of the innovative solutions necessary for structural modifications and repairs.


The Donald Zucker Company

101 West 55th Street

New York, NY 10019


Historic Brooklyn Heights District

Brooklyn, New York

Building Size

113,000 sq. ft.

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