Lehigh County Authority - Pretreatment Facility Equalization Basin

Lehigh County Authority - Pretreatment Facility Equalization Basin

ARCADIS selected D’Huy Engineering in July 2009 to assist in completing the design and construction of a new 4MG equalization basin and related pump station odor control, mixing, and controls components. As a result of wet weather events and new industrial development, the Authority required the project to comply with regulatory requirements and to normalize downstream flows to the City of Allentown Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). PENNVEST and ARRA funding allowed the project to proceed and necessitated accelerated design and bidding phases in order to receive complete funding. The design team completed bidding documents within 8 weeks of receiving a contract and successfully awarded construction contracts within 12 weeks. D’Huy participated in the design phase and assembled the front-end bidding specifications including ARRA documentation. D’Huy also completed a constructability review for the project, coordinated materials testing requirements and assembled bidding strategies for the project. The bid form assembled by D’Huy included unit price and alternate bids that provided the Authority with flexibility during the award to ensure the project budget would be achieved.

D’Huy provided construction administration during the 12-month construction phase that included the implementation of a web-based construction management system allowing all shop drawings, RFIs and project documentation to be transmitted, reviewed and approved electronically. D’Huy conducted all project progress meetings, monitored construction and construction testing in the field, oversaw the project CPM schedule, coordinated vendor testing and training and compiled ARRA documentation. 

The project was completed on time in October 2010 with change orders totaling less than 1% of the construction cost. In fact, the project team returned over $100,000 in unused unit price allowances to the Authority.





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Project Description

Construction Inspection and Management of

Post Tensioned EQ Tank and Related Upgrades

Project Dates

Start: July 2009

Completion: October 2010


Budget Cost: $5,000,000

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