Kinder Morgan Warehouse - Roof Structure Evaluation

Kinder Morgan Warehouse - Roof Structure Evaluation

In 2015, Kinder Morgan engaged D’Huy Engineering, Inc. to perform a structural investigation at its at a 40,000 square foot warehouse facility in Fairless Hills. Over the years, a number of the roof trusses had outer bay been damaged by the impact of equipment operating within the facility. The investigation included an evaluation of damaged roof framing and decking components, identification of locations requiring repair or replacement, and development of repair options and budgets.

DEI evaluated the trusses for bottom and top chord damage, out of plane deformations, web member damage, end connection damage, and weld damage. Due to budget constraints, DEI established cost estimates as well as a 2-tier priority matrix to enable Kinder Morgan to address repairs in an organized, efficient manner. DEI prepared a final report including preliminary retrofit drawings and repair details for restoration work.  


Kinder Morgan

1900 Harbor Access Road 

Newport News, VA 23607


1000 South Port Road

Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Project Description

Evaluation: 40,000 sq. ft.

Project Dates

Start and Completion in 2015


Estimated Project Cost: $418,500

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