Goodnoe Elementary School

Goodnoe Elementary School

D’Huy Engineering, Inc. provided project management services for the Council Rock School District’s Goodnoe Elementary School additions and renovations project. Additions consisted of a new administration area, new stage and additional classrooms, and renovations to the existing building including the installation of a new electrical service, security system, mechanical systems with chiller and energy recovery units, upgrading building envelope, and a reconfiguration and enlargement of the parking area. DEI managed the entire project from design phase through construction and project turnover.

All work was completed while school was in session. Due to DEI’s extensive phasing knowledge and expertise, construction was completed on schedule without disrupting the educational program. The detailed phasing and milestone plan prepared by DEI resulted in minimal disruption to the school operations which was an important factor for safety and educational priorities. The constructability reviews performed prior to construction resulted in clear, concise, complete documentation that allowed for efficient and expedited construction of the project.

Renovation projects often encounter issues regarding existing building information. As issues arose, DEI provided possible solutions to the Architect immediately (as an advocate for the Owner) to prevent delays and costly change orders. In this project, the designed chiller was to be installed on grade. It was discovered that the main gas line would be under the chiller slab, thus the design was altered to install the chiller on steel dunnage to elevate the chiller and provide access to the gas line if needed. DEI assisted with the development of a new design and presented it to the consultant without delaying the work. By meeting all of our project milestone dates, the entire project was successfully completed on time and on budget.


Council Rock School District

30 North Chancellor Street

Newtown, PA 18940


298 Frost Lane

Newtown, PA 18940

Project Description

Renovation: 81,244 sq. ft.

New Construction: 16,370 sq. ft.

Project Dates

Start: May 2013

Completion: August 2015


Pre-Bid Estimate: $17,000,000

Actual Bid: $14,600,000

Final Construction Cost: $14,800,000

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