Brooklyn Townhouse

Brooklyn Townhouse

This residence on Hicks Street was originally constructed around 1816 and is located in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District.  The structure was not a typical brownstone construction with masonry perimeter walls and interior bearing walls, but rather a wood framed construction.  The original front facade was altered in the 1950’s to incorporate a driveway into the side yard.  In addition, the clapboard siding was replaced with asbestos shingles and the front door and stoop was removed in favor of a rear entry accessible through the driveway.

For this renovation, DEI provided the structural design and worked closely with the owner and architect to preserve the historical aspects of the building and return the front façade back to a similar look prior to the 1950’s renovation while still maintaining the functional garage.  The renovation also restored the clapboard siding, the original front window opening layout, and the front entry with stoop. The structural design employed both light gage metal and wood as well as structural steel.  The design entailed marrying the older construction with the new light framed construction, creating larger openings in the rear facade to let in more natural light, and adding a one-story addition to the side to increase the square footage.

DEI was proud to be a part of this special project as the architect, Baxt Ingui Architects, PC won the 2012 Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award presented by the New York Landmark Conservancy.  The Moses Awards are the Conservancy’s highest honors for outstanding preservation efforts.


Baxt Ingui Architects PC

20 Vesey Street

New York, NY 1007


Brooklyn, NY

Project Description

Renovation of Townhouse

3,659 sq. ft.

Completion Date

July 2011

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