Andrew S. Leh Stadium

Andrew S. Leh Stadium

The design and installation of a new synthetic field at Andrew S. Leh Stadium was directed by the Nazareth Area School Board in 2006 after a feasibility study conducted by D’Huy Engineering, Inc. identified both the need and the cost. The design team incorporated several improvements to the field that make it a first class venue for many different types of District and community events. The field was designed by D’Huy to accommodate football, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse making it as large (100,000 square feet) as any high school or university venue. The field includes end zone lettering and a beautiful midfield logo of the Nazareth Blue Eagle. Under the field is an intricate drainage system to carry water off of the field, making it suitable for year round use in any type of weather. Additional improvements were made to the bleachers, walkways and stadium entry.

In 2009, Nazareth Area School District partnered with D’Huy to take the next step in the stadium master plan, which was the design and development of a new field house to provide upgraded restrooms and team/training facilities. The field house is unique in that it incorporates a large scoreboard into the structure.


Nazareth Area School District

One Education Plaza

Nazareth, PA 18064


501 E. Center Street

Nazareth, PA 18064

Project Description

New synthetic turf and associated work

Project Dates

Start: May 2007

Completion: August 2007


Pre-Bid Estimate: $1,500,000

Actual Bid Cost: $1,500,000

Final Construction Cost: $1,509,939

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