92nd Street Townhouse

92nd Street Townhouse

The 92nd Street is a five-story townhouse on the upper east side of Manhattan. The original structure was an old carriage house dating back to circa 1925. The original floors were concrete encased steel beams with draped wire mesh. At the time of the renovation, it had been an abandoned warehouse. As a result, the building had varying degrees of structural deterioration, including exposed steel, spalling concrete and exposed wire mesh.

The renovation involved full-scale floor demolitions, a vertical addition on top of the existing structure as well as a multi-story addition at the rear of the structure. DEI worked closely with the Owner, architect and contractor to develop project requirements for the specific design aspects of the project.

DEI was required to restructure the exterior rear masonry wall to incorporate a large wall of windows for the influx of natural light. To achieve this, DEI designed a large moment frame at the three-story addition at the rear of the townhouse.

DEI also designed structural components for two-story clear height areas at both the front and rear of the townhouse. This required the design of temporary bracing for the rear wall as the existing floors were being removed.

One of the more complex design issues included incorporating the architect’s vision of floating stairs within an existing 3-sided masonry window well. DEI prepared a 3-D computer model to analyze the complex loads of the steel plated stairs.


Baxt Ingui Architects PC

20 Vesey Street

New York, NY 10007


92nd Street

New York, NY

Project Description

Renovation of Townhouse Structure

10,200 sq. ft.

Project Completion Date

April 2010



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